Counselling / Therapy Treatments

What is EFT-based counselling?

EFT-based counselling is a form of counselling that uses the EFT method to facilitate more rapid transformation than pure talk therapy alone. Despite that it can be even more gentle than standard counselling as upsetting feelings, upsets and traumas in the present and past are released without having to engage all the the feeling up front. As EFT is used, emotions gently dissolve, revealing underlying emotions or beliefs which are themselves released, until an experience of peace is felt. For a more thorough description of EFT click here »

What is a Typical Therapy Session?

Every session is different and flows naturally, however there are commonalities between them. Talking is involved to get clear on what we will be working on in the session (the first session normally covers some background, and a short questionnaire is completed beforehand). Once we are clear what the intention is for the session we either work to release and transform feelings and emotional symptoms felt in the now moment surrounding the issue, or we track down the origins of those symptoms. For example a feeling of being made to feel small by your boss at work may really be a re-triggering of unconscious childhood memories where you felt devalued by your father, or an authoratitive mother. In this case, the healing needs to be done at this earlier point in time. This is where EFT is often used to release the negative feelings, emotions and limiting beliefs created at that point in time.


Are any Other Techniques Used?

Every session is different and usually follows a natural flow. I tend to use common NLP-style models of human development - for example past trauma (or ancestral traumas) creates beliefs / world views / beliefs about Self, which then leads to new beliefs (self-limitations), new traumas, future anxieties etc. By releasing past upsets, disempowering belief systems, and future fears, the present moment is completely transformed. I believe in the power of intuition and find that important and relevant insights pop up spontaneously. As a practitioner I am very intuitive and this can help get where we need to go! Yet a key part of this intuition is knowing when my clients know their own answers!



In order to help the process of healing I often also use a method called Psycho-kinesiology (sometimes known as muscle testing). The muscles of the body are an effective barometer in that when a positive or life affirming thought is held, our muscles hold strong when pressure is put on them (e.g. pressing down on an outstretched arm). When a negative or false thought is held, the muscle weaks instantly. What is particularly interesting is that the muscle response comes from the unconscious - a part of us that knows the cause of our problems, when they started, how old we were, who was involved. It also knows the best way to proceed in a session! It is this knowledge we can tap into using Psycho-kinesiology and if we are in a place where the obvious path is not intuitively known, this wonderful tool is used.


Where are Counselling Sessions Held

One-to-one EFT Consultations are offered by phone, skype and face-to-face in Kings Langley in Hertfordshire (WD4 9HN). This location is 5 minutes from Junction 20 of the M25 or 27 minutes by train from London Euston. Skype is extremely effective.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked, and of course a very sensible question, yet the answer is "it depends"!


I can give a very general idea based on different issues and circumstances.


What I tend to find is that a simple acute emotional issue needs around 1-3 sessions. Simple phobias are typically 1 session.

However if there is a whole lifetime of emotional "baggage" that needs to be resolved, a whole course of sessions will be needed. If you are willing, we can cover more ground in a shorter space of time by using EFT and introspective exercises at home (a simple version of EFT will be taught).

However to give some idea, I tend to find clients need between 4 and 12 sessions, but in complex cases many more sessions are usually needed.

What I suggest to individuals is an initial session to experience the technique - in most cases you will feel a difference in this first session. Then a committment of 6 sessions is suggested for more complex issues. We can then decide between us how well things are going and decide what future work, if any, needs to be done.

Will it Work For Me?


I find around 80% of individuals respond very well indeed to EFT. Around 10-15% respond well once some emotional blocking factors are identified and cleared or neutralised. The remaining 5-10% are complex and may not respond to EFT - other treatments may be more appropriate, however persistence and detective work could get around these hurdles.

Some reasons for EFT not working quickly and effectively are the following: highly supressed memories, numbness and chronic lack of emotional association, and also factors that are present that cause the body's nervous system to go into a "fight / flight / freeze" state. In this last case, the last thing the body is open for is healing. It just has to protect itself and survive.

If this is the case with you I will work with you to identify what these factors are, and these could be substances that you are exposed to such as laundry detergents, hair gels or some ingested foods such as wheat or corn or dairy. I use kinesiology testing to identify these.


Treatment Costs

For session prices, please see this page on my trainings site: