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Welcome to a new generation of counselling. EFT-based counselling takes psychological transformation to new levels of possibility, yet within short timescales. more about EFT-based counselling»


Life counselling
· Find what is blocking you
· Heal past wounds and trauma
· Set course for a new future

Trauma counselling / Therapy
· Usually complete release of specific past traumas

· Very gentle - no need to re-experience original trauma

· Usually one or two sessions to resolve specific traumas

· After treatment trauma won't bother you any more

Panic and Anxiety
· We track down factors leading to the experience of anxiety and fear, with the intention of resolving them.

Bereavement Counselling
· There are usually multiple aspects to the pain involved in bereavement. We work to heal each layer, leading to relief, and an even greater appreciation of our loved one who has passed away, but without the pain.

Specific Issues
· Heal specific traumas and issues
· Release sabotages
· Session by session treatment

Anger Management
· We track down and heal anger triggers, preventing future triggers

· Learn a simple technique to use if new triggers arise

Relationship Counselling
· Each partner is treated individually and separately - not together as is usually the case

Relationship / Marriage Counselling
· Each partner is treated individually and separately - not together as is usually the case

· Relationship issues are never about the partner. The true cause is much earlier in life.





More than anything else I wish to make your time in counselling treatment with me to be pleasurable and transformative, and for your life to open to new possibilities. If you are looking to be understood, respected, not judged and honoured for who you are, yet guided to a new state of empowerment, you are in the right place.


Come along for a few sessions with no long-term committment and let us work together to bring you your best life. The future does not equal the past, unless you always have the same thoughts and feelings. With EFT-based counselling sessions, there is every chance of positive change. read about the counselling process»