Anger Management Counselling

What is Anger Management counselling?

EFT-based counselling takes Anger Management to new levels of possibility. The very term Anger Management isn't very hopeful. It implies that the anger will still be there afterwards, and that the treatment process involves learning to cope with that anger in more constructive ways. What is a much better approach is to resolve the root causes of your anger issue, and this can be done using EFT.

Healing the Causes of Your Anger

What is really happening when we experience anger is that something in the triggering situation unconsciously reminds us of a past event or experience, usually in childhood. We re-act, or re-enact the feelings we did then, without thinking. Perhaps someone subtly implying that you are incapable (by suggesting another way to do something) triggers an experience when your father, in an alcoholic rage, told you at 5 years old that "your painting was useless and you will never be able to paint properly - you just didn't have the creative gene in you".


There are many other possible reasons for anger, including resentment or bitterness directed at parents for not bringing you up in a resourceful way which would enable you to reach your dreams in life. And so you treat your life as if it has already ended, bringing back the past as an "excuse" for the reason you have failed.


In the sessions we track down what is behind your flare-ups and our intention is to release the upsets and negative beliefs about the world and yourself that you took on board from your early life. Once this is completed successfully you will no longer find yourself getting angry for the specific reasons we work with, but will maintain a sense of centredness, clarity and perspective.

Tools for Managing Future Anger

You will be taught a simple method for dealing with new triggers as they arise in future. This will help with the symptoms at the time and get you back to a centred calmness. With persistance this should gradually be releasing the causes of this specific trigger. However you have the option of returning for future treatments as new triggers surface and we can work quickly to resolve them.